We have been running national and international events since 2008 on:

  1. The CARM top ten research findings for communication
  2. Opening a telephone call with a prospective client
  3. Getting clients into mediation
  4. Customer service: Call handling, dealing with inquiries, customer’s language
  5. GP receptions: Negotiating urgency, offering alternatives, continuity of care
  6. Impartiality in mediation: Opening a mediation encounter, dealing with -isms
  7. Solution-focused questions
  8. Cold calling and sales: Resistance, negotiation, rapport, listening skills
  9. High stakes conflict and crisis intervention
  10. Health and safety

See below for forthcoming events. The procedure for attending an event is either to contact the organization directly to see if there is space, or to contact us to arrange a bespoke event for your organization (or cluster or network of organizations). Such events can run from 1–6 hours for 1–36 participants, including one-to-ones.

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Carm Workshops

Forthcoming Events

Effective communication when dealing with people in crisis and conflict

29 November 2017
Presenter Dr Rein Ove Sikveland
Where MLC centre, Sydney, Australia

When conversation starts

05 December 2017
Presenter Professor Elizabeth Stokoe
Where Kia Oval, London

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Conversation Analytic Role-play Method

12 December 2017
Presenter Dr Rein Ove Sikveland
Where Melbourne, Australia

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Negotiation, persuasion and decision-making conversations

14 December 2017
Presenter Professor Elizabeth Stokoe
Where Ricoh Arena, Coventry

CARM Training for Professional & Workplace Communication Encounters (31 January - 1 February 2018)

31 January 2018
Presenter Professor Elizabeth Stokoe
Where Burleigh Court, Loughborough University
This workshop is intended for academics and practitioners who want to learn about CARM and its use in training professionals. The participants should have some training in CA, have conducted CA research, and want to run workshops with practitioners. Participants should have completed or currently be working on their PhD.

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