CARM Training for Professional & Workplace Communication Encounters (3-4 March 2022)

Presenter(s) Elizabeth Stokoe & Rein Ove Sikveland
Location Trondheim, Norway (remote/online)
Duration 2 days

This workshop is intended for researchers, academics and practitioners who want to learn about CARM (the Conversation Analytic Role-play Method) and its use in training professionals. The participants should have some training in conversation analysis (CA), have conducted CA research, and want to run workshops with practitioners. Participants should have completed or currently be working on their PhD.

Read more about the CARM here.

For academics, if you are a trained conversation analyst, we can train you to become an accredited CARM Affiliate.

The next CARM training workshop is 3-4th March 2022. 

Due to current developments with covid-19 we will run the event remotely (online). The price per ticket is NOK 1500. This equals approx. EURO 145.

Please register to participate in the workshop via this link.

This CARM training is co-organized by the Centre for Academic and Professional Communication (SEKOM) at NTNU, Trondheim (Norway) and Centre for Research in Communication and Culture, Loughborough University (UK).