Hosting or attending an event

There are three main types of CARM events and activity. We deliver CARM training at your organization or workplace. We also train other conversation analysts to become CARM Affiliates. Finally, we conduct research and consultancy with and for organizations to address particular communication challenges.

CARM training at your organization

Most commonly, we deliverĀ CARM training at your organization, network, or group of organizations, by invitation. We charge for travel and subsistence, and negotiate a fee to support CARM research.

Research-driven consultancy

Via LSE Consulting, Liz works one-to-one with organizations across third, public, and private sectors.

CARM for academics

We train other conversation analysts to becomeĀ CARM Affiliates. If you are a trained, published academic conversation analyst working in an applied setting and want to use CARM, we can train you to develop the technical side of the method and the distinctive approach to delivering workshops.