Become a CARM Affiliate

CARM Affiliates are accredited to deliver CARM training.

For academics, if you are a trained conversation analyst, we can train you to become an accredited CARM Affiliate.

For practitioners, if you can pair up with a conversation analyst, we can train you both.

There are two ways that you can become a CARM Affiliate.

The first option is to attend a training session. We run these annually, usually in spring. The course is a two-day workshop, and starts by explaining CARM’s development, its technology and its track record. The course will then show you how to build a CARM workshop and give you practical exercises to complete. Once you have finished the course, you have the basis to apply to become a CARM Affiliate. All Affiliates are given access to CARM animations, fonts and templates, as well as ongoing support to deliver your training.

The session is also available all year around online. Read more and sign up here. Soon after you register we will provide you with the training materials.

The second option is to invite us to your university or organisation for us to deliver training locally. We have done this in the US, Australia, The Netherlands, Singapore, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Norway and Denmark, as well as in the UK.